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THE ULTIMATE IN QUALITY CONTROL: Penn State Tool and Die Corporation is a leader in dedication to quality control that assures on-the-job performance. An element crucial to our success has been an all out determination to maintain the ultimate in quality control standards. We maintain qualification under government and commercial standards for quality and fabrication, working to the latest revisions of:

INSPECTION AND TEST: Penn State Tool and Die Corporation's quality control department maintains a definitive quality program which is carried throughout all phases of production from raw materials, in-process manufacturing, part verification to final assembly, inspection, and packaging. In addition, qualified technicians are available to perform non-destructive testing on finished products, as well as raw materials. This testing includes hydrostatic, magnetic particle, ultrasonic, alloy identification, and liquid penetrant inspection, all to meet customer needs.

DOCUMENTATION OF QUALITY: As a regular program under its quality control system, Penn State is prepared to furnish full documentation of quality relating to each part produced. That documentation may include the verification of raw material composition, application of special processes to specification, the avoidance of contaminants as per specification, and the verification of dimensional attainment for flatness, contour, finish, parallelism, length, diameter, and other requirements.

Penn State Tool and Die Corporation has a reputation as a problem solver in the field of precision components and complex assemblies. We can fill a diversity of needs with our collaboration of skilled craftsmen and the most advanced measuring and gaging equipment available, including optical, mechanical, electronic, and computerized coordinate measuring.

Our system permits measuring capabilities to millionths and angularity to seconds. Regardless of product detail or tightness of tolerance, Penn State Tool and Die Corporation's manufacturing and machining expertise backed by rigorous quality control means components.

ENGINEERING: We offer support from concept to completion. The strength of our highly technical engineering group is the outgrowth of many years experience in the manufacturing field. Our technical staff works with you to maximize performance and realize our goal - a quality product at a competitive price.

DIVERSE PROCESSING CAPABILITIES: Penn State specialists work with a broad variety of metals:

MACHINING: At our facility, we have modern machine tools including state-of-the -art Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment with a wide variety of attachments and accessories available to perform all types of precision turning, facing, tracing, threading, large and small hole drilling, boring, milling, planing, and electrical discharge machining.

ASSEMBLY AND FABRICATION: Facilities are available for assembly, test, and fabrication of the ultimate mechanical assemblies used in defense and commercial industries, including functional and load testing.

Machining  Capabilities

This page provides information about Penn State Tool & Die's machining capabilities, listing the maximum envelope size for many of our machines.

Special  Capabilities

This page lists some of the more unique processes and capabilities which Penn State Tool & Die has to offer.